Thank you for your interest in After Dark Photography Studio! My name is Jenn, and I'd love to give you more information about our services.

I look forward to meeing you!
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At your consultation

We will meet at our studio in Augusta GA 30901 on the date and time you have chosen.At your consultation will chat about style, outfits, available dates for your  session as well as show you samples of our luxuryious product offerings. 

This is a great time to let us pour you a cup of coffee or tea and, get aquainted with our studio so by the date of your session you'll be feeling confident and comfortable! 

For the most common FAQ's we get at consultations please follow FAQ buttion.  

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Your Session Day!
It's the day you've been waiting for! 

  Your session day if finally here! And here is how it's going to go down; when you first get to the studio we will get sit in our beauty area and get ready for pampering! By this time we will have already chatted about what style you would like and what looks will best compliment your session. Our hair/makeup team will get right to work as you sit, relax, sip a hot coffee or tea while I get your outfits laid out. During this process we love to chat, joke and listen to music. The energy is always light hearted and professional. 

  Hair and makeup is done! Lets shoot! After you're dressed for your shoot I'll guide you with simple directions and head to toe posing that will make you look your absolute best! If you would like, i'll even show you a couple of sneak peaks in the back of the camera as we shoot. The shoot itself normally takes about 1.5 hrs with time for breaks and snacks. 


When the shoot is done it's time for you to relax! After your photoshoot you'll go down the street to our affiliate massage studio or have an in house massage done. Ill pop into your gallery and start a light processing so when your massage is done you'll be able to pick your pictures! Now for the fun part, the gallery viewing!

  As the day winds to a close we will sit down and take a deep breath, it's time for you to view your gallery! It is at this time you will get to pick your favorite picturesto be moved forward into the professional retouching and product placement process. From this time your chosen images and product will be sent off and proccessed within 4-6 weeks. If you are local to our studio you can pick up your product with us and if you are a traveling client, we can ship your product to your personal address. 

If you have any questions about our process please don't hesitate to reach out!


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Where to now?
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Learn More

Check out our FAQ to get more info! Also if you can't find an answer to your question don't hesitate to reach out!