Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Happy Monday babes! Hope everyone got a chance to enjoy the long weekend. Our team is excited to be able to set up this blog to connect with you an answer question! So… naturally, the very first question we answer is, WHAT IS BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY?! And wow what a question that is…Boudoir photography, to us, is an amazing journey of self-love exploration and beauty awareness. Session day is a fun filled day to get dolled up and just feel the self-love vibes. Hair, makeup, lingerie dress up? Yes please! Also guided head to toe posing, so don’t stress if you have never “modeled” before, no experience necessary, we got you.

As individuals we get so wrapped up in what is “wrong” with us we totally forget to embrace and empower what is AMAZING about us. Boudoir photography is just that, a celebration of beauty, YOUR beauty. So, one question might be asked, why in lingerie? Well, A: WHY NOT!? And B: on a more serious note, there is a societal “norm” that seems to be keeping us from loving ourselves at all stages of life and we hyper focus on things that really are probably much smaller deals than we make them out to be or non-factors. SO why lingerie??? It’s empowering to say yes to your body and say “I am enough” in this stage and all stages! We recommend lingerie to tear down those walls of self-doubt and say yes to self-discovery!

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