Tougher Q&A about Boudoir/Intimate Photography

Updated: 4 days ago

Hello loves! Here are some of the "tougher" questions we get at our studio about Boudoir photography and I want to answer them here! As Boudoir photographers I know we work our butts off to ensure our clients have an incredible experience but it dawned on me that some of what we do is not readily apparent without some Q and A. So here we go!

Why does boudoir cost so much?

I know some people may be asking themselves this question when they come across the sticker price of a Boudoir session. It goes from "I just want a couple of cute sexy pics" to "holy shit thats an investment!" really quick...and the answer is, yes, it IS an investment. It is an investment in yourself. Boudoir photography, unlike other styles (excluding wedding) is very time intensive to get right and also requires a larger team. From the very first contact with you we spend a substantial amount of time getting to know you as a person, your interests in a boudoir session and what your worries may be. For your session we source a qualified makeup artist, qualified hair stylist and location to fit your style, all coming with their own costs. We spend time helping you source lingerie, working through fears, and pumping you up to get ready for an amazing experience! Don't get me wrong, we absolutely LOVE what we do but it does take time to be done right, and there is no way we are doing it any other way but right! We hire professional retouchers as well to ensure your photos are responsibly and well taken care of from the time they leave our cameras to the time you have your prints in your hands.

So the short answer is that a full boudoir session is not "just sexy pictures" it is a full-blown experience that you will absolutely remember for a lifetime!

Can I bring a guest to my session?

The answer will always be "absolutely if that makes you more comfortable" BUT I do not recommend it. Anyone else in the room will likely become a distraction and throw off the client/photographer vibe. The experience is all about YOU we want to make sure it stays that way.

Why is the session fee non-refundable even if I cancel?

When we book your session we are booking your hair, makeup and location. The session fee is non-refundable reguardless of cancelation as our vendors get paid first.

Can I do this pose I found on Pinterest?

The short answer is, maybe. Here is the thing with is great for inspiration but leave the posing to us. We will absolutely take what you find into consideration and do our best to get you something similar but there are so many different body types out there that there really is no "one size fits all" for posing. Don't worry! We got you. As professional Boudoir photographers we spend countless hours studying body form and the anatomy of posing to ensure you look your best.

Why aren't the digitals cheaper than physical product?

When you purchase product, you are purchasing the time of professional retouching, gallery viewing and the delicate processing of your images more than paying for the actual, physical album.

Can I have just a couple of extra photos? What if you just don't edit them?

This hasn't come up for us, but I know other Boudoir photographers that have gotten this questions so just figure I'd address it. We will ABSOLUTLY give you whatever it is that you are looking for within our power, it however will not be free. As it may appear easy just to drag and drop a couple of images into your gallery, there is upwards of an hr per image for final processing before it can go into an online gallery or album. As far as unedited images go, we do not release unedited images just as a chef would not simply give you the ingredients to a meal rather than finish cooking it for you. You expect a standard of quality, and we want to ensure when product goes out it not only meets your expectations but also represents our team positively.

I really hope this was helpful for anyone that may have had these questions! When I tell you for most of us Professional Boudoir and Intimate photographers we absolutely love what we do, I tell you that with my whole heart. If you aren't sure, set up a consultation and come chat with us (or your perspective Boudoir photographer). You will see quickly we are all in to ensure you have an amazing (dare I say life changing?) experience.

If you are a boudoir photographer and would like to share this with your clients, please feel free to copy and paste link to blog on your page/group!


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