Top 5 Tips I give every client before their Boudoir photo session

So, you’ve booked a session, you’re feeling good, we have found your perfect lingerie and briefed the hair and makeup team, what now??? Here are 5 tips I tell every client the days before their boudoir photo session to ensure you are looking and feeling your best!


Really now this is a game changer! You might think “Well If I hydrate too much, I may gain water weight…”. Ok, ok I see where you are coming from and that is why you need to plan to focus on good hydration the weeks prior to your session. Being well hydrated will help your skin look its best, body feel more energetic and flexible, as well as ensuring you do not feel fatigued during your session. Hydrate well every day at least the week before your session and then pull it back a bit the morning of your session (does not mean stop.)


Oh yes, boudoir poses look aaaaamazing but we are going to have you working for it. Boudoir poses (when guided by a professional) are absolutely safe for most bodies within normal range and limitation but they are a WORKOUT! Make sure to stretch well the days and weeks prior to your session, maybe even take up a little YouTube yoga to get you feeling limber. It is very likely that some of your favorite boudoir shots are achieved by lots of bending and flexing pushing and pulling, it’s good to be prepared!


No crash diets! Don’t focus on trying to make your body fit an image with crash diets or fasting before your session. Eating Well balanced and healthy meals (yes even the morning of your session) will help your body feel nourished, keep up your energy levels and ward off fatigue or sugar crashes during your session. Feel free to bring some of your favorite snacks to your boudoir session!


That’s right, shave, or don’t. it does not matter to us ether way! It is your session and we want you to be comfortable whether that means you shave every day, or you have not in years, maybe some areas you tend to and others you don’t. The important part with shaving is that it is what YOU want. Editing out large areas of unwanted body hair post process is not realistic for time so if you would like it gone, definitely shave or wax, if you want to keep it, let it go free!


Much like with shaving tanning is all up to you but if you are going to tan ensure you get it as even as possible, we absolutely don’t mind fixing up accidental tan lines post process but the integrity of your photos may lessen with extreme editing practices needed to correct harsh tan lines.

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Hope you have enjoyed this top 5! Comment your questions and we will answer them in latter blogs. Thank you so much for reading.

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