Letter from your Boudoir Photographer.

Why would you shoot boudoir anyway? Isn't it sorta just like...sexy pictures???

The answer is, though the pictures can be seen as sexy, it's much more than that. They are empowering, confidence building, glorious captured memories of you. YOU as a human, YOU as an individual and YOU who deserves all of the love from YOURSELF. So... I'd love to tell you why I love boudoir and what I'm here for.

​I am here to give you fuel for your fire. Somewhere along the way of getting married, having kids, and falling into a day by day routine my once “sexy, confident” self was nowhere to be found, and honestly, I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen her. She was replaced with taking care of everyone and everything else first. For a long time, I felt isolated in that feeling, that perhaps it was just me and what I once had simply did not exist anymore, or maybe it never did? I would see women on social media or in-person and just think “how on earth does she do it? She carries this glow…as though she hasn’t lost herself, how do you hold onto that?”

After starting to take portraits of women I was able to listen to their stories and found in amazement that those very women I so much admired felt the EXACT same way I did like the spark was gone and there was no fuel to get it going. I thought “HOW?! How could she feel so lost, lost like me…where does this feeling come from? And how do we fix it?” The reality? It is a self-acceptance journey to allow yourself to FEEL that you are worthy, that WE are worthy. Even as full-time women and everything in between from work, kids, house, life, pets, husbands, wives, and whatever else consumes our day to day, we deserve a moment to self-reflect.

I have deep anxiety about being in front of the camera myself so I get it, it sounds ridiculous, “why on earth would I need a picture of myself?” but you know what, It’s something truly amazing. When you are able to SEE yourself the way others do it sets in that all the doubts that became monsters in your head are no longer relevant, or much smaller than they had seemed. It sets in that you are human, truly beautiful, worthy. It does not matter if it is a boudoir session, styled portrait session, or something more documentary of you. Believe me, when I say find the right photographer, get the session done, and start getting to know yourself, life is too short to be stuck believing we are someone else.

So, what am I here for? I am here to preach the power of seeing beauty in yourself, and allowing space for self discovery through gorgeous personalized portraits that will serve as fuel for your fire.

#fuelyourfire #fulltimewoman

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