Ladies let’s talk lingerie! I hear way too often “lingerie just doesn’t look good on me because ____________” and I’m telling you right now, from experience and years of working with our clients, there IS lingerie for you! Here is the thing about lingerie and, we need to stop looking at our body size to pick our lingerie and start looking at our body TYPE! There are, of course, variations between what I’m going to share with you here today but my goal is to get you 95% there and ready to start shopping for that little number that makes you feel like the queen that you are!


Body positivity has become sort of a cliché words we see pop up all over the place without any real substance behind it so let’s have a chat…We all struggle, especially as women to embrace the bodies that we have NOW. We get so wrapped up in the past body, the future body or someone else’s body. I am not saying don’t work towards progress but what I am saying is life is a journey and embrace who you are today, right now, on that journey…OK pep talks over let’s get to the fun stuff!


Shop quality stores! You will find that a lot of lingerie that comes from over seas sites will be sized way WAY too small and this can be really discouraging. The best places to shop will be local boutiques with experienced staff members that can help you find your correct measurements to ensure your lingerie doesn’t just look amazing, but it feels amazing too.


Know your body type and what lingerie looks best on you! You want to wear lingerie that accentuates curve while showing off your favorite features. Ill go over the most common body types and what to start with on paring (these rules do not apply to everyone) as well as a couple of tips for what NOT to do however we will be coming out with a full lingerie guide in the coming weeks to help you babes get your sexy on.

Common body types-

Pear Body Type (triangle upward)

Typically, smaller on top with a more blessed bottom area, likely voluptuous thighs as well. Alright queen lets chat! For most body types I will suggest a body suit or a teddy, they are super cute and are more covering for the woman who may not feel comfortable showing it all. Specifically, for pear body types the teddy or bodysuit may not work if you are particularly tall so a great alternative would be a high waisted panty (vintage is coming back ladies) and a cute bra to match.

Apple Body Type (triangle downward)

Apple ladies are blessed upstairs and narrower in the back.

Good news for you babe, the CORSET is in your alley! I don’t recommend the corset for someone that is not busty as it can take away curve but if you are busty up top and don’t have to worry about taking curve away the corset or bustier are amazing options! (The difference is a corset does not have cups for support and a bustier does). Again, though can’t go wrong with a bodysuit/teddy.

Hourglass (triangles opposing, facing in)

The hourglass body type can wear a lot of different lingerie styles, the only challenge is ensuring that the lingerie fits well and does not gap at the sides to create empty space that will “box” the body shape out. A bra and high, or low wasted panty set is amazing for hourglass as well as a bustier with panty to add a little more dimension for flair to a lingerie look.

Banana (rectangular)

With banana body types I recommend the tried and true bodysuit or teddy but a bra and panty set work great as well! Toss on a lacy robe and call it a day! The concerns I have heard from women with banana body types are they want to look more “curvy” or they feel flat, don’t worry queen when you go to a professional boudoir photographer they will pose you in ways that you’ll see your curve.


Push up bras- though may be amazing for a night out, or to go under clothing, are not great for boudoir sessions, why you may ask? With some of the poses a push up bra will tend to “gap” or stand away from the body and just doesn’t look super flattering, so if you MUST have a push up bra talk to your boudoir photographer and ensure the fit will work for your session.

BABY DOLLS- Ladies…they may be cute to tease your partner with but I’m telling you 9 times out of 10 baby dolls hang off your body and will HIDE all that God has given you. Not to say there aren’t times it totally works but this is not where I would start.

ACCESSORIES- Build your accessories around your outfit and you can’t go wrong! Your boudoir photographer will be able to help you with this as we love to style…like really ask us anything!

COLOR/PATTERN- Bright colors may look great in person but can look funny in camera. Black, neutral and jewel tones will always be my recommendation. Just say no to busy patters, if you have found something you love but are not sure contact your boudoir photographer, they will be able to guide you.


YES, TO THE HEELS! Wearing heels can give your legs just that little bit of extra length and grace for a splash of wow factor. Same rules apply to shoes as with lingerie when it comes to color/pattern (see above). Make sure you choose heels that are sleek, stay away from chunky or distracting heels.

As always if you have any questions. Ask your boudoir photographer!!!


est 2015.