Is Boudoir Photography Safe? Google questions...

Have you been seeing this predictive text thing on Facebook where you start a vague sentence and finish it with predictive text?? It can be absolutely hilarious! But it also gave me an Google "Is boudoir..." to see what the most common question would be and the very top question was "Is Boudoir Photography Safe?". It was crazy how it had never occurred to me to address the SAFETY of boudoir and how the answer is actually a little more broad than just a "YES" or "NO" answer.

Boudoir photography is safe when preformed by a professional that is educated in not only posing but the emotional care of their clients.

Why is posing important for safety? A lot of boudoir poses are based on pushing, pulling, bending and stretching your body, all motions that if you are not used to may be uncomfortable or straining for you. It is important that your boudoir photographer educate you on hydrating and stretching prior to your session with them to help avoid strains or pulls. When live at the session, it is important for the photographer to recognize there are different body types and some will be able to do things others will not. Imagine trying to have a woman or man with a short torso stretch to that "pinterest" picture found of a model who is 6ft 2 only to be unsuccessful and sore.

So whats with this emotional care stuff? It is often that as boudoir photographers we have to pick up on slight non verbal communication from our clients to gauge their comfort levels. This comes with a natural sense of empathy but also practice. Some of our clients are ready to show it all and others want something a little simpler so it is important we be experienced enough to navigate boundaries to make sure there is no pressure on our clients during a potentially vulnerable time.

So is Boudoir Photography Safe? I would say in the hands of an experienced professional, absolutely.

So how can I tell if they are an experienced professional you may ask?

1- Look at their portfolio, quality of the images will give you an idea of experience level.

2- Check out reviews, how have other people liked their services?

3- Ask Questions, if you have a question about a service just ask! Most of the boudoir photographers I know, including myself, offer consultations to meet in person or over zoom to get acquainted.

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