Boudoir Q&A

Updated: Apr 2

Updated boudoir session Q and A to answer some of the questions we have been getting. <3

Where do you shoot?

We have a list of on-site locations that we rent for our boudoir sessions. The site that is chosen will depend on your style and available space in your desired timeline.

I don’t know how to pose…sooo?

Don’t worry! We have been studying human form and boudoir for a long time and know that everybody type has posing guidelines. We will pose you head to toe in poses that show off your fire.

Is hair and makeup included?

Yes! For our boudoir sessions we have a team of certified hair and makeup experts to choose from.

How long are the sessions?

You can expect 4 hours in total for your session. 1.5 hours for hair and makeup and the rest is dedicated to capturing your photos as well as worked in time for breaks.

How many edited photos will I get?

This will depend on how many photos you decide to purchase. We offer different gallery sizes as well as different product options to fit clients needs.

What happens to my images after?

The photos that you choose for purchase will be fully edited and stored for 90 days on our system at that point they will be archived and eventually deleted. The photos you do not choose to have move into final process will be archived for 30 days and then deleted.

I have never found lingerie I like because I’m (big/small/not curvy enough/ too curvy) so what now?

We are very experienced with matching our clients body types with lingerie that will show off their best features. During your consultation we will chat about outfits and options for you as well as give additional options for personal shopping assistance. Believe me, there is lingerie out there for you.

I’m nervous about the idea of a boudoir session, but I’m curious. What can I do?

Well my love the great thing about our process is we have consultations prior to every boudoir shoot. We will sit down over coffee/tea and just chat to see if we are a good fit for you. If you come to a consultation and decide we are not the studio for you, no stress! We leave it at a lovely coffee date.

Can I have someone come with me?

We recommend that you don’t bring company to your session as it can be a little distracting from the process, and we have found from personal experience clients are often more nervous when they have friends/partners watching them. If you absolutely would like company, we will not tell you no, just give us a heads up that they are coming.

How long until I would get pictures/product back?

This really depends on the type of custom session we build for you. A mini black album can be back in about 2 weeks when somethings more customized could take up to 4 weeks from the time of session. We can get you a better estimate during your consultation.

Will my pictures be made public?

The client always has the say so if their images can be shared or not. We do not share any images without a signed model release.

Does your business work with the LGBTQ community?

ABSOLUTELY, come as you are.

Who all will be at my session?

Myself, (photographer) and hair/makeup team

Can I send references of what I like?

Absolutely! If you have references, you’d like to show us after you’ve booked a session, we would love to see them.

What about props?

We have access to so many amazing props and add on services for your session. We can source you a beautiful customized floral arrangement, charcuterie board, body cage/BDSM props as well as Shibari professionals. If you would like props just to let us know and we can find what you are looking for, or feel free to bring your own.

So, what’s different than other photographers?

To be honest I don’t know what other photographers do, but I know what we do. We take a great deal of care and attention for our client’s sessions. We understand that boudoir can be a wonderful life changing experience that we do not take lightly as we want to make sure ever client is comfortable, heard, and at the end of their experience walk a little latter knowing they have found their fire. We customizing elements to meet clients specific wants and needs. Every session we do is created in passion and all with heart.



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