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Updated: Mar 14

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This week we took it to the streets! We asked some of you what question you have about professional boudoir photography! LET'S GO! -

Q: “WHAT is boudoir?”

A: Boudoir means “woman’s bedroom,” or “private sitting room/ salon in a furnished accommodation”

…GREAT now that is out of the way let’s chat BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY!

Professional Boudoir Photography is a wonderful experience for you to come explore your self-worth and inner Goddess. Most professional boudoir studios provide consultation, lingerie guidance, professional hair, and makeup, and sometimes a little bubbly to help you shake off those nerves in a standard session.

Q: Is boudoir photography only for women?

A: NO, Boudoir photography is for anyone! If you are interested in exploring your self-worth, boost confidence, feel empowerment, celebrate a time in your life, or just want to feel sexy then boudoir photography is for you! Woman, man, couples, thruples…come as you are boudoir will empower you.

Q: Do I have to get naked to have a boudoir session done?

A: Absolutely not! Unless you want to…Boudoir photography is all about empowering you in your own space. What makes you feel empowered? What makes you feel beautiful? What makes you feel sexy? THAT is what you wear, and maybe explore some outfits (or nudes) you’ve been curious about.

Q: I’m too (big/small/curvy/flat ect.) for lingerie, what now?

A: This is a MYTH…there is lingerie for every body type (size doesn’t matter, wear the lingerie for your body TYPE!) Always buy quality over quantity with lingerie. Not sure where to start shopping? Ask your boudoir photographer.

Q: I don’t own lingerie, what now?

A: Any seasoned boudoir photographer will be able to guide you in choosing flatting lingerie for your body type.

Q: Is boudoir like…. softcore porn or something?

A: Nope! There are no sexual acts (or even close) during a professional boudoir photography session. There is however a lot of laughing, climbing, and stretching…It’s true your pictures will turn out looking super-hot but the process of getting those images is more like a guided yoga session and not “sexy” like you might expect. Your photographer will pose you verbally or through visual example and then get where they need to be (normally climbing on something or other tomfooleries) to capture you in perfect light with the perfect angle. You’ll be given simple instruction to tweak your pose, snap snap snap, and then onto the next pose!

Q: Why should I get a boudoir session done?

A: Well, it depends! Boudoir albums and prints can make an amazing gift for someone else but what I really want to stress is the FEELING of empowerment and exploring the world of self-worth. A boudoir photography session is a time for you to shake off the outside world and really look inward toward what makes you feel empowered. Every studio is different but for us, Boudoir is self-love therapy, and hot as hell! Who doesn’t want to feel hot as hell?

Q: How do I find a professional boudoir photographer for me?

A: Start shopping! Boudoir photography is so personal and finding the right team for your experience is crucial! You’ll want to look through their portfolio, read testimonials, and maybe even reach out to them directly to see if you click. Consider the types of products you want (digitals, albums, prints, etc.) and if that studio provides what you’re looking for.

Q: Where do I find more information about boudoir photography?

A: You can reach out to us! Send us an email, or touch base on Facebook.


Drop a comment below to let us know what questions YOU have about boudoir photography!

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