Boudoir photography, everything you want to know.

Updated: May 11

Oh hey babe! I'm feeling good today, like REALLY GOOD! I'm PUMPED, maybe it has to do with Mercury retrograde? Maybe I've just come to the revaluation that some people don't actually know WHAT ON EARTH BOUDOIR actually is! Boy oh boy my love, buckle in, we are here for the good stuff!

Boudoir by definition is an old world word that described a room adjacent the bed chamber of the house Lady (wealthy woman or woman of high class). This room was designated to be a private place where she was able to sit, relax and partake in, well...lady things? Whatever it is that Ladies did to chill back in the day. Perhaps embroidery? Or plotting revenge? You know, Lady things.

Fast-forward to modern day.

Now that we have a general idea of what the word Boudoir means I'm going to take you to the wonderful world of Boudoir Photography! What better way than with a few examples??? Ill give you the details along the way...

Boudoir photography sessions are (at least in our studio) an EXPERIENCE. Everything is stylized to perfection from lingerie, makeup and hair! Just like in the old world meaning of boudoir, we all want to feel like a bougie high class woman don't we? Um yes please! Ill take two!

In all seriousness we get so wrapped up in the day to day that boudoir sessions are a chance to just breath and unwind for once! At our studio we include professional hair, makeup and even send you off for a little massage while we get your gallery ready for viewing. It's you time baby, soak all that goodness in.

Sure it's fun to make albums or wall prints for a loved ones to enjoy but it's not the SOUL of Boudoir, just the memory! The soul of Boudoir lies in the feeling it gives. I'm going to get deep for a second, we as women shuffle (or full sprint) Through our days trying to get ALL OF THE THINGS done, and when all of the things are done? there are more things to do....We end up putting ourselves on a back burner with an "ugh I'll deal with that later" to our self care, our self love, and our self acceptance.

Where do we go from here?


I know a lot of women see these images in our gallery and think "Yes these images are BEAUTIFUL! oh but that's not me....I'm not beautiful like that...I'm too (insert excuse)" Honey do you want to know a secret? You ARE BEAUTIFUL like that! Every one of our clients has these doubts at their consultation with us, every client feels nervous, every client feels like they aren't worthy in the beginning. So what's the difference between "those beautiful women" and you? You just haven't contacted us and had a Boudoir session done yet! There is something really amazing about being turned into art, to really be able to live and breath as your own muse.

Self acceptance and love is a forever journey. It starts with saying "YES" to yourself, taking your needs off of the back burner, and flinging open those self love doors with vengeance! HELLO WORLD! I'm here to be my own MUSE! Besides...Who doesn't want a full blown pamper day where no one is rushing you out the door??? Boudoir, at it's core, is time for you to put yourself first, get pampered and revel in the fact that you are a beautiful person, you are deserving of space to love yourself and you deserve to feel desirable. Do you feel that? It's excitement, it's possibilities and it's you starting to say yes to yourself. If you want to you can even Contact us for a free consultation or join our private group to say hi and stay in touch!

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