Overcome the fear of BLOGGING (for photographers)

Updated: Mar 22

Blogging is one of my absolute favorite tools in marketing to help entrepreneurs and business owners’ reach potential clients and works to boost your websites


Things you can use blogging for

+Sharing relevant information with your audience on topics they care about.

+Sharing what is new with your business or new product you may be offering/specials you’re running.

+Share your opinion on a product or current event

+Share about other businesses that may closely relate to yours this helps build value and relationships with other vendors then hey they might even re-share!

+Share anything you can dream up really!

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The topics and uses for blogging are endless! But here is the problem you may be facing…you are intimidated by blogging…you don’t write! Who would want to hear what YOU have to say? I don't have the time, and I hate writing! Ugh, it’s just not your thing…. Guess what…. I was in that same boat about 6 months ago! I had never really blogged, I didn’t see the use and just didn’t think anyone cared to hear what I had to say. I was very, very wrong. Blogging has allowed me to put a voice to my business, now when potential clients visit my site they can get to know me without ever reading a run-of-the-mill boring "about me" section. They can see what we have done in the past, see what is coming up in the future, and really get to know our studio and this builds trust, trust is converted into value. When a client values you, they will remember you.

I'm going to put down some hard truths, anyone can learn a skill, anyone can pick up a camera, learn photoshop, find the good light and take amazing photos, YOUR superpower is YOU. If you never show your audience who you are they will never connect with you on a trust-based value.

So now I'm in your ear and maybe you're a little curious...how would you get started?

Like I mentioned prior I HATE formal writing. I'm no good at formal writing, I suck at spelling and grammar, and holy hell 9/10 when I sit down at the computer with no prep I draw a blank it's at this point I want to hang up my hat and say goodbye to blogging. Wait! Don't go yet, this is how I find topics to write about that are relevant to my audience...

Think about the questions your potential clients may have and answer them.

Examples- For wedding photographers perhaps they would google "outdoor weddings" Great write a blog about outdoor weddings you have done, share your experience and share some pictures. You can talk about the location, the family, what a wonderful day it was! If you are a newborn photographer perhaps your client would be googling "is newborn photography safe?" Answer those questions for them in a blog and share how YOU and YOUR BUSINESS ensure safety and value your client's worries. Answering your audience's questions helps build trust and when you can build trust, you build value.

I will often keep a note tab open in my phone and jot down ideas as they come up through the day. Sometimes it's a simple as someone asking a question in a FB group and I'll then think "Hey, I know that! I bet more people have this same question lets do a blog post about it!" Everyone will have a different process for how they approach blogging, so mine may not be perfect for you but guess what ANYTHING is a start! Once you start you fan fine tune it for you. Keep changing, keep asking questions, and keep speaking your truth!

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