Be kind to YOURSELF, as well as others.

Hello friends! It’s been a crazy month, but I am happy to say we are back in action and create some amazing art with other creatives again. Last week I had the pleasure of being able to shoot with Sarah Hutto, a 26-year-old mother of 3 who is Augusta Georgia born and raised. As we started and moved through the photo shoot, I started to really see how her personality was showing through in her modeling. We talked about body positivity, struggles we both have faced, and how much we wish we could kill the stigma with fire. So, here is to those who struggle, you are not alone, be kind to yourself.

"We don’t always express ourselves best with words, sometimes to really get a message across it’s translated better through art, through visual, through audio or through touch. My name is Sarah, and this is my escape.

Throughout my life I have fought battles that many do not see, I have waged wars within myself that many do not know and here in front of the lens I can truly let myself feel and process the damage. It was in 2015 that I began modeling and found it to heal my soul. I found modeling to inspire me in ways I never thought possible and today I find joy in inspiring others to find their fire. As well as other challenges I have spent my life amongst the whispers of strangers assuming my story from the way I look; “she really needs to eat a cheeseburger” “omg you’re so thin”, “you’re so lucky you don’t gain weight” and friends who believe I have no right to feel negative about myself because “skinny” is the new hot…it’s translated into worth and I am no longer allowed to feel human, I am no longer allowed to feel…anything. Through modeling, I find acceptance for myself, through art I find the strength to put aside the whispers and judgments because I am allowed to feel and the whispers fade away as I become comfortable in my own reality. What I ask that you take away from all this is be the good in the world, be the kindness to YOURSELF as well as others, never assume we know the story from what we see with our eyes and start learning to see with our hearts." – Story of Sarah by ADP


How we pulled off this shoot was sort of funny, I don’t think there was any SOLID plan, but we had a living room, a flash (AD200 will be in gear list below) and some time to play. We wanted to make sure the light bounced off Sarah’s skin for that “dewy” look that is often seen with low light or low-key photography this was accomplished with a simple layer of your typical body lotion.

No joke we shot this mid-day in my living room, the entire room was lit as you would think mid-day with big windows, lots of natural light. I taped (yes…taped) a gray sheet on the wall behind Sarah so the light wouldn’t bounce back at me and that was about it for prep. The trick to this “moody” look mid-day was camera and flash settings, crank up your settings so everything would essentially be black without flash and then add in your flash to “cut out” whatever it is you want to see in your picture and start firing! It takes some time to move the flash around to get it exactly where you want it. For the images where Sarah is sitting at the table, the camera is on a tripod, I have a trigger in one hand (you could also use self-timer), the AD 200 in the other and I’m standing on top of the table. I always end up climbing on things…but hey whatever gets the shot! I'll put my camera settings and relevant gear list below, happy shooting!

Settings: f18



Tamron 90mm

AD 200 flash output 1/4 to 1/8

Specific photography/lighting techniques you'd like to see in action??? Leave a comment. :))



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