ARE THOSE NEW SESSION TYPES!? Yes, yes they are...

Oh, hey there reader, what’s up? Happy Tuesday from Evans Georgia, sweet little city close to Augusta Georgia. How has everyone been doing? This pandemic bs though, pretty crazy huh? We have been in lock down (dramatic way to say staying home) since the 16th with our two respectful, clean, quiet toddlers (LIES) they are insane people…but I love them none the less.

Besides chasing around my mini mes I have also been putting together some new and exciting session types that Id love to tell you all about! These are still in the works and full details/package price ranges will be up on our main site when they are ready but please don’t hesitate to inquire if something interests you. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it!

Couples- This is one of the MOST requested session types that we did not offer in the past, but guess what ladies and gents, now we do!

Ethereal Portrait/Publication Sessions- Want to get published? Let’s make it happen! Our team can offer you a full stylized session with custom created character to get published.

In Your Home- We will be offering “in your home” sessions for those who would like more of a lifestyle/story telling session. These are amazing for capturing just you or w/partner in your element and creating those environmental memories.

About you/Portraits- Outdoor, in your fav coffee shop, or relaxing listening to some tunes. These sessions are our version of a standard portrait session. Great for documenting this time in your life.

We will OF COURSE still be putting on our full GLAM BAM BOUDOIR session but wanted to branch out into other areas as well.

I really hope you; your family and friends are doing well during this hard time.

If you have any questions about the sessions, we will be offering or have an idea that you have not seen here send us an email! We will be booking dates again likely in May but will keep you posted.

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