Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Hello GORGEOUS! It’s another Monday and we are excited to be preparing for our client session tomorrow morning! We want to share with our top 5 tips on how you can prepare for your boudoir session as a client!

1: Tip #1 SKIN CARE To make sure your makeup application is its absolute best for your boudoir photography session make sure to treat your skin to a little TLC. Wash twice a day, use serum, hydrate and 1-2 times a week exfoliate (depending on your product and instructions). When you take care of your skin it means you won’t have makeup being applied to old or dry skin cells and the application is always SO much better! If you aren’t sure about products please go talk to our amazing makeup artist and skin specialist Sarah Billiot at Ulta in Augusta GA, she will make sure you are matched with amazing skin care products for YOUR skin.

Tip #2 DO NOT CRASH DIET. Girl you are beautiful, even if you have goals you want to make that does not discount the goddess you are TODAY. Crash diets aren’t healthy and can lead to fatigue, skin redness, fainting, dark circles under the eyes, and so many more things we just don’t want to happen to any of our queens.

Tip # 3 HYDRATE- drink lots of water the weeks leading up to your session, so you are well and hydrated when it’s game time. Being well hydrated will ensure you stay alert, your muscles will recover quicker (boudoir sessions are a lot of difficult poses to hold so you may be a little sore after), your skin will look better and over all you will feel better being hydrated! We want to make sure our queens are glowing and feeling good the

day of their session!

Tip#4 STRETCH…Stretch it out, as mentioned above your boudoir session will mean holding some poses that though they might look amazing, maybe feel more like a yoga session than a relaxing photo shoot. But don’t worry! It’s all worth it when your jaw drops after seeing your photos and you see what an absolute babe you are. Really though, stretch it out, get some rest.

Tip#5 GROOMING: If you are having your hair curled by us, come with 1-day dirty hair, the curls hold better with a bit of oil. Ensure if you are “landscaping” or shaving make sure to do it at a time that will allow your skin to rest before your shoot to avoid razor burn or redness. Your fingernails should also be groomed, either all painted (we recommend neutral or jewel tone colors) or totally bare. Wouldn’t want chipped nails distracting from your gorgeous boudoir photos.

All right #GODDESSSQUAD if you have any more questions on how to prep for your session send us a message! We would be happy to chat out all the details with you.

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