Love From Our Clients

"She’s absolutely amazing.
She was very professional the entire experience. I was so nervous but she was so gentle and has such a comforting aura. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I recommend her to any woman trying to find her “sexy”. Jenn definitely will bring it out of you.
Great experience!"

"So this is a long review because I truly adore Jenn, loved my photos, and I had an amazing boudoir session!! Jenn is passionate, kind-hearted, creative, conscientious, enthusiastic, personable, professional, and importantly super talented. This woman knows what she’s doing! Her incredible artistic and beautiful work not only speaks for itself but her beliefs and passion for capturing all women, no matter what you look like in your truest form (your skin, flaws and all) to remind us that indeed we are beautiful, and powerful beyond measure is so inspiring.
I had my very first boudoir session on April 9th. To say that it was just uplifting and empowering would be an understatement because I personally gained so much more from this experience. Let’s just say I’m still in awe every time I look at my album. I even cried after reviewing my final photos because I couldn’t believe it was me. From the beginning of the process to the end, I appreciated how thorough and communicative Jenn was. It made shooting day exciting and fun because everything was beautifully organized and went smoothly. The amazing HMUA Jaylene De La Cruz made sure my make-up was flawless and was there during the entire session for touch-ups!! Also, I didn’t have to figure out posing because she shows you and guides you throughout the shoot to ensure she gets that perfect shot!
Just so you know, I’ve struggled with self-care and initially, this was to be a gift for my husband’s birthday and now it’s also for myself. A luxurious-body-image-therapy gift experience to myself, and I’m so thankful that I did this!! I felt beyond beautiful and I can’t thank After Dark Photography enough for reminding me that I’m still one sexy, strong, and beautiful wife and mother of 4 children. And because I’m a foodie I must also mention that the snacks during session break were delicious, lol. Also, the music playing in the background during the session helped me feel even more relaxed and comfortable. I absolutely and strongly recommend After Dark Photography because self-care is so important and every woman should be reminded and experience a session with Jenn for capturing and celebrating your beautiful body...and just to get your sexy on and feel/look incredible!!"

"Y’all!!! I’ve wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot for YEARS but never really found a place/person I felt completely comfortable with. I’m so so so glad I finally did it! Everything was really relaxed and at my pace. She coached me through different poses and encouraged me when I felt like I couldn’t get them down 😂 I am super grateful to her for making me feel good about myself after months of struggling to like what I see in the mirror. I had a hard time picking favorites, I love them all so much!"

"Jen is absolutely amazing, I had so much fun doing my maternity shoot with her! Everything was perfect and exactly what I was looking for! Her make up artists are so amazing and you definitely feel pampered and beautiful the whole time. I feel like I’m going to have to come back to EVERY pregnancy because she has set the bar too high!!"

"I was really anxious about the whole boudoir process because of the way I see my body, but I honestly had the best experience! From getting my hair and makeup done, and everything in between I felt so comfortable and I’m so happy and thankful I got these done! They’ve made me truly love my body, stretch marks, and all ❤️ They turned out absolutely phenomenal!!!"

"Jenn is absolutely AMAZING! She's so comfortable and easy to work with! I was so scared during my first shoot and she was there to guide me through everything! She is professional and just so much fun to shoot with! I could not recommend her enough! Talk about a huge self-confidence boost! My photos came out better than I could ever imagine! I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE! I mean no experience needed, she will work with you and make you look FANTASTIC. Y'ALL ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO SHOOT WITH HER!"

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