Invest in Yourself

Your beauty is worth celebrating, come celebrate with us!

 "Sometimes the fire glows a little dimmer than it once did, and when that happens, having some great images of yourself to look back on can help reignite that flame within yourself, It will empower you to feel more confident in your own skin—and that is invaluable!" -Bailey Stone


"I'm doing it for me!"

Let's get together! We want to know about you.

At your consultation, we will chat about what you'd like to wear for your session. What outfit will make you feel your best, even if you're not sure yet we can help you find a great fit for you.

At your consultation, we will set your date and schedule our hair/makeup team. You will go home with information on how to prepare for your session what to bring and dos/don'ts to ensure you have the absolute best experience possible.

The Outfit is picked, the date is set, now it's time for your

Boudoir Experience!

Day of your session we will meet at our private storefront studio in downtown Augusta to get you pampered!  We'll settle in and grab a coffee/tea to shake off the jitters then our hair/makeup team will go to work creating the look that you have chosen to show off all of your features! Even if you aren't' quite sure what kind of look you want, no worries we have got you covered. 


let's Move!

Hair and makeup is done, you're dressed feeling beautiful! Now what? Will we just "tell you to pose?" WE GOT YOU. We have heard our clients say that prior to their session with us they worried about posing and were so relieved to find how guided their session was. I assure you whether you've been modeling your whole life or have never been in front of a camera, you'll do great!  Your photographer will direct you through posing from head to toe with a really easy and simple direction.  Equate it to being guided through simple yoga poses.

Your session comes to an end, now what?

After your session, you'll get to have a private gallery viewing! We will sit down and scroll through your RAW Gallery. You'll get to see yourself in a totally new way and we often hear with delight...

"I Can't believe that is me!"

...At your gallery viewing, we will chat about the images you would love to have moved into final retouching and applied to your print products.


We say our goodbyes for now and our team gets back to work! The images you have chosen move onto professional retouching then to our lab. Our print lab will customize your product and send your luxurious print, album, or folio box right to us for inspection. And we will call you to schedule a pickup time so you can finally hold your prints!

There truly is nothing like seeing yourself in print, it'll take your breath away!

Studio Fee

Our team's studio session fee is 350

Studio session fee covers all services rendered during the session, there is no obligation to purchase product past the session fee



There is nothing in the world like seeing yourself in print. Invest in the memories of today, you're worth every bit of it!

Live in print

Our print labs are unrivaled in quality and vetted for their privacy policies. Not only will your product look good, it'll feel good too.

When it comes to what the cost maybe it depends on your wants and needs! We do not have set package prices as our clients shop a la carte to get exactly what they want. What I can tell you is clients typically invest 1600-2200 per visit for their full experience and customized products.

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