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Boudoir Photography


Indulge in your

Welcome to After Dark Photography Studio. Our team of photography, beauty and hand crafted product experts are here to assist you in creating the boudoir photo session of your dreams! Take a look around and let us know if you have any questions. 

Self Love Stories


Find your Sexy...

I wasn’t sure how it would go, but she was the most professional photographer I have ever worked with. She was extremely direct with her posing, explained everything she was doing, and showed me the results throughout the entire photoshoot. She was extremely reassuring so there would be no anxiety on my side, and honestly, she is just really down to earth



Build Confidence...

Jenn is fantastic to work with; she is respectful, funny, and empathetic. She recognized when I was uncomfortable and knew exactly what to say to make me laugh and lighten the mood. She made me feel sexy in my body after battling years of being my worst critic. I am encouraging all my friends to reach out to Jenn!



Awaken your Soul...

Talk about a huge self confidence boost! My photos came out better than I could ever imagine! I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE! I mean no experience needed, she will work with you and make you look FANTASTIC.



Hi! My name is Jenn

30 somethings mother of 2 and  owner/photographer here at After Dark Photography Studio. My personal and professional mission is, and always will be to empower people to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. I'd love to tear down this idea that you have to fit in a box to be beautiful, it's simply not true. Through the visual art of photography and a little self love pamper day we show you that you are in fact worthy, beautiful and powerful in your own skin. It truly is amazing what seeing yourself through someone elses' eyes can do. Kick the doubt to the curb and come see our team at After Dark Photography Studio!



Fine art Portratis


 of Boudoir


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Become your own 


Our studio focuses on the artistry of boudoir photography inspired by fine art portraits. We use posing, lighting and angles to capture the beautiful sides of yourself that you could not possibly see from standing in front of the mirror. Prepare to be inspired by yourself…

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